Access ACS | Altamaha Baptist Church

To Login:

1.  Click this link (  An instruction page will appear. 

 2.   Click on the “LOG IN HERE” link.  A log in page will appear. 

 3.   Enter your name and your email address into the “New user login?” box.  The system will search for your record and send an email with your password.  If you have not given the church a current email address, you may not be able to sign in.  Please email  with the subject “email update” and we will put your new email into the system. 

 4.   Once you have received an email with your login and password, return to, click the “Access ACS” link and the “LOG IN HERE” link and login to the “Please Login” box on the left.  (Note: You must have one of the browser versions listed at the bottom of the box.  If not, please update your browser by clicking on the appropriate link.)

5.   Once you have logged on to Access ACS, you will see your profile overview.  You will see “I want to view”, “My Calendar” (blank), and “My Groups”.

 How to Set up your Account:

 1.   Go to “My Account”,  then click on “My Personal Preferences” and select the information that you would like other Members to see (none of your information will be available in the online version of the directory if you do not allow your information to be seen).  Under “viewing preferences”, uncheck the box.  Note: On this screen, you can also change your password. 

 2.   Please confirm your basic information by going to “My Profile”. Then click on “My Complete Profile” and read through the information.  If you have corrections, click “edit” at the top of the profile page.  Make changes to incorrect information and click “submit”.  This will change your record on the church database.

 3.   To change the picture on your record, click the “picture” button at the top of the “edit” screen.  Click the “browse” button and search the files on your computer for the picture you want, double click on the file and then click “save.” Your picture (after approval) is updated on the database.

 4.   To create a directory of all Members go to "Directories".  Choose the type of directory you would like and click “preview”.  Note: each member must login to Access ACS and allow other members to view their directory information before you will be able to view it. Therefore, please make sure you update your viewing preferences.



Church Life App login instructions for your Moblie Device


Church Life App Login Instructions for your Mobile Device

What is Church Life? It is a free mobile app that makes all your important church information conveniently available on your smartphone. It is the mobile version of ACCESS ACS.

What can I do with Church Life?

·         Access the ABC Directory on your phone/tablet

·         Launch mobile navigation with one tap on the address

·         Place a phone call with one tap on the phone number

·         Send an email with one tap on the email address


How do I find the Church Life App for my device?

·         iPhone/iPad: Go to the App Store and search “ACS Church Life.”

·         Android: Go to the Google Play/Play Store and search “ACS Church Life.”

·         For other devices, or if you prefer not to install an app, navigate to in any web browser.


How do I Log-In?

Note: You must sign in at the ACESS ACS website to create your account before you can use the Church Life App. Open the app and enter your email address and password. (This will be the same email and password you use for ACESS ACS.) Turn on “Remember Me” so you can be logged in automatically each time you use the app. Then tap “Sign In.”


How do I search the directory?

·         After you log in, the app will open to the “People” page and there will be a search box.

·         Enter the person’s name (first or last) and click “Search.” If you are not sure exactly how to spell the name you can try just entering the first few letters. 

·         When you see the person you are searching for, click on their name and their profile and contact information will appear.


All of the information in the profile is interactive!

·         If you click on their phone number, your phone will make the call for you.

·         If you click on the address, your device will launch your map or navigation software.

·         If you click on the email address, your device will launch your email program and auto-fill the “To” field for you.

·         To go back to the search box, click the “People” button in the upper left corner of the screen.