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At ABC Children’s ministry our vision is to provide a safe environment for children, teaching them the foundation of biblical truth, how to have a relationship with Christ Jesus, while partnering with parents to help them become the first spiritual leaders.


We have bible learning and playtime for all ages. We have Nursery available when parents feel its time to bring them to church and can follow them up to 5th grade in our children’s program.


Here at ABC, we create many opportunities for your child to be involved. Check out the opportunities!




As you place your child in our care, we work hard to make sure safety here at ABC is a priority. 

  • We require volunteers to be members of our church in good standing as well as have a background check before working with kids. 
  • We also have security cameras in each classroom and outside our premises to ensure accountability and safety of each child. 
  • We have a paging system set up so that a parent who wishes, especially of our younger children, can be notified if the child needs attention of a parent. 
  • We have information labels available to use to inform our volunteers of any allergies or updates to caring for the very young that are in our care. You can request one if you feel it is needed. 
  • We have a sick policy for the safety of all children and the volunteers who serve them. Please familiarize yourself with our policy. 


Our Policies

Children must be symptom free from the following illnesses without medication for 24 hours before entering the classroom:

  • A fever of 100◦ currently or within the last 24 hours
  • An unidentified rash, any open sores or weeping wounds
  • A harsh cough or large amounts of yellow or green nasal discharge
  • Any symptom that they usually stay home from school with
  • Lethargic behavior or excessive crying
  • Diarrhea or loose stools currently or within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting currently or within the last 24 hours
  • Head lice, pinworms, pinkeye, ringworm/tinea, impetigo, etc.
  • Roseola- Child may return when he/she is fever free for at least 24 hours and with doctor’s note stating that that the child is no longer contagious.
  • Strep Throat-Child must be on an antibiotic for 24 hours before enter a class.
  • Unusual color of skin, eyes, stool or urine
  • Profuse or yellow-green nasal discharge
  • Herpes Virus-A diagnosis of herpes requires exclusion from class until lesions appear dried and no longer active (indicating they are non-contagious) or can be covered by a bandage. The recurrent nature of herpes makes it necessary for our church to follow these guidelines with each successive episode. 

Please note: We do not recognize teething as being a cause of fever or diarrhea.




Children’s Ministry staff and volunteers are not permitted to administer any medication (OTC or prescribed) to your children.  We are sorry if this presents a scheduling issue for your child and are happy to have you come to the classroom to treat them.  We also would ask that you not leave any medications in the classroom with your child or in your child’s bag.  The only exception to this is that you may leave asthma related rescue inhalers (properly labeled) with children over the age of 8 years.  Please notify ministry staff and classroom teacher that you have done so.



Weekly Schedule


(9:15 – 11:30am)



Each Sunday available during Sunday school (9:15am) & worship service (10:30am).



  • Sunday School (9:15am)
  • Children’s Church (18 months to 2 yrs) 
  • Children’s Church (3yrs to Kindergarten) – Starts Back in Fall of 2022

Pre-k to K (3-5 yrs ): 

  • Sunday school at 9:15 am
  • Children’s Church available during 10:30am worship

Elementary (Grade’s 1st to 5th): 

  • Sunday school each Sunday at 9:15 am.
  • Gospel Project Kid’s Worship Service – Every last Sunday of the month for K-5th grade. Uses “The Gospel Project” curriculum. 


(6:30 – 7:30pm)



Each Wednesday we have nursery available


Toddlers and Pre -K/ K (ages 2-5) : 

  • Mission Friends Class

Elementary (Grade’s 1st to 5th): 

  • Girls in Action – Mission focused lesson and craft for girls 
  • Royal Ambassadors – Class on Outdoor Living Skills with Missions for boys & Bible study


Special Events





Derby Car Race

Join in on the fun as you get to race your own Pinewood Derby Car on a professional aluminum track with other kids for prizes and bragging rights. It’s a fun family event and we’ll spent time creating a wooden race car with someone you love




Father/Daughter Dinner and Dessert Decorating

Dads or Granddads bring your daughteror granddaughter to a special event just for her! We eat an elegant meal together, have a rose ceremony and finish with decorating a dessert together! Her value in Christ is often best shown by the love of a father in her life!





Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Come and join with us the Saturday before Easter for a meal, devotion and egg hunt. It is a great time for the family to gather and usher in the celebration of Easter and remembering the victory we have in Christ!




Last Day of School – Summer Blast Fun Day

As school gets out the summer fun begins! We have fun that’s centered around the Gospel and the Bible. Come and be a part of the kickoff event for Summer at ABC.




Vacation Bible School

The first week of June kickoffs our VBS each year! This is a Sunday to Thursday night evening event filled with food, crafts, music, Bible study, games and mission emphasis! The boys and girls compete to raise money for local missions during the week and some losing leaders will get slimed!




Kid’s Summer Camp

We alternate having a Summer Kid’s Camp and a Family Mission Trip. Each is a special time where kids grow in their faith and learn to serve for the purpose of telling others the good news of Jesus.





Kid’s Move Up Breakfast

As our Kids move up to the next class and some to the Youth Ministry, ever fall we provide breakfast to make that transition a little easier. We will have breakfast items that morning they can either take to class or eat in our fellowship hall.




Fall Family Festival

As the season begins to change and cooler weather begins we look forward to tastefully dressing up for a costume contest while enjoying trunk-or-treats for everyone. We have games, animal zoo, fire trucks and tractors, music and food and it’s all free!




Children’s Christmas Party

We have a ball celebrating Christmas! First we act out our faith by sponsoring needy families each Christmas by giving and wrapping gifts for them and providing a meal. This is a great reminder for kids that Jesus was a free gift wrapped in swaddling clothes and offered to us all who are in need of a Savior! We end with a caravan of golf carts, side-by-sides and vehicles taking gifts and singing songs to church members to spread the love of Christ.




We currently use Lifeway Church resources Sunday school dated material and Gospel Project Studies.


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